Keeping Your Discord Notifications Under Control

notifications Dec 10, 2018

You get enough notifications between your phone and your computer. Do you really care about every single message from Discord? Probably not. Luckily, Discord has some very customizable notification settings. Let's dive into how to control your Discord notifications!

Individual Server Notifications

You could get a lot of servers accrued in your Discord app, and some you may care about more than others. If only you could control your notifications differently with each one. Well, you can! Just right-click on the server icon for whatever server you want to edit, then click Notification Settings.

Muting Servers Entirely

You can start by muting a server completely, which will silence all unread indicators and further notifications except for direct mentions. This is if you really don't want to receive anything except the most pertinent alerts. You don't even need to open the notifications settings. One of the options when right-clicking on a server icon is to just mute the entire...

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