Using Social Media to Promote Your Discord Server

discord growth Dec 10, 2018

Discord is a beloved community platform, and there are many ways to promote your discord server. One of those ways is social media! The tool that everyone uses every day, but few have mastered. In this blog, we will give you a crash course in how to use these platforms to your advantage.

Things to Consider First

When it comes to using social media to promote your Discord server, you need to keep in mind what social media is for. Social media is meant not only to share things, but also to be a place to discuss things. Since your main community is over on Discord, you don't want to move the conversation from there to another platform. Therefore, you need to tread carefully and focus on moving people through your social profiles and into your community. For those new to marketing, this is called a conversion - getting someone to take a desired final action. That final action being joining your community!

Another thing to consider is that social media is not always going to be a free option. We will go into more detail later, but it is important to know that the best way to get people into your community via social media will be to essentially throw money at the problem. If you're on a budget, don't worry, we will still do our best to offer you some cost-effective ways to use social channels.

Choose Your Channels

You should make a social profile only on the channels that make sense. There are so many options out there, but so many of them will likely be inappropriate for your community.

Twitter is a safe bet, as it is generally a great platform for anyone. Thanks to the nature of Twitter, it is also easier for people to see your posts with the help of hashtags and retweets. Go ahead and make a Twitter page, and start getting creative.

Facebook is probably a runner-up, but could be more of a challenge. Facebook may end up being a better channel for advertising rather than having your own page. It is still a great place to post, though, so it will likely be worth having.

Instagram is perfect for any server that has a visual element. Much like Twitter, Instagram posts are highly discoverable thanks to hashtags. Your ability to put links in Instagam is limited to one link on your profile page, so be sure to include the infamous "link in bio" text in each of your posts. And of course include the link to your community in your bio.

YouTube is perfect if you have video content. Not every server will produce videos, but it could provide you with a unique angle. If your YouTube content gets views, you can promote your server through it and drive people into the community.

LinkedIn is going to be really niche. But if your Discord server is more business-oriented, this could be a good place to look. Consider making a company page, or a LinkedIn group dedicated to your topic.

Depending on your server, you may find that SnapChat, Reddit, Tumblr, and other social sites may serve your needs. It also all depends where your target market hangs out, so use that information. Poll your existing community members to get an idea of what the best places to target are.

Target Precisely

The sad truth, especially on Facebook, is that the algorithm is working against you. Organic reach on Facebook has been declining for a long time, and reached an all time low in early 2018. Facebook decided that the best thing for its users was to put value on social connections between friends, rather than pages. Unfortunately for businesses and other pages, this means that it is harder to appear in someone's news feed.

One solution to this is to target your audience. For each post, organic or sponsored, you can choose a narrower audience. This may help you out because while only a small percentage of people will see your post, those people are guaranteed to be the kind of people you are looking for! Facebook makes this easy for you, allowing you to target by a wide variety of demographics including interests. Perfect for narrowing down people who may be interested in your community!

If Facebook (and other social media) advertising is something you are interested in, the internet is full of detailed guides on getting started.  You will find that running ads does help with visibility, but only by testing will you know if it is truly going to be a valuable part of your marketing strategy,

Offer Something of Value

Don't just use social media as a recruiting tool. If all you do on your social media platform is invite people to your server then no one will care about what you have to say. Offer your followers or potential followers something more valuable than just an invite link. Create articles related to your server's topics, create and post videos, or post questions that are designed to engage with followers.

The best part about offering something of value on social media is that it can be highly shareable. If your content is entertaining or educational, a follower may be compelled to share it with their friends and followers. If they like the content, they may also be compelled to join your server!

Run a Contest

It may seem a little cliche, but running a contest can be a great way to promote your Discord server. People love free things, especially for little effort. You can have a simple prize, like a $20 Amazon gift card, and use a site like for the entries. Contest sites like that allow users to enter through social media channels, including following you or sharing your posts. You can even make someone watch an entire video to get an entry. If you promote the contest with some social media advertising, you will probably get a great click-through rate.

Some of the entries will be from people who immediately unlike your pages. But you will also get a lot of people coming in who genuinely are interested in your community, and that's what counts! And like creating content, contests are highly shareable. In fact, most social media contests offer extra entries for referring friends!

Social media can be a powerful tool for promoting anything, including your Discord servers. But it won't be easy. Between choosing the right channels and posting the right content, it can be difficult to crack the code. If you need more tips on how to effectively market your community, be sure to read the other articles on our blog!

To learn more about how to promote your Discords server, check out our Mastering Discord course.

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