Should Your Discord Server Use Partnerships?

discord growth Mar 05, 2019

Whether you’re using Discord, or another community platform, there is value in partnering up with others. If you’re a YouTuber joining a network, a business working with another compatible company, or a Discord server partnering up to grow its membership, you will probably find some level of success with a partnership. But there are a few things to consider before jumping into one. Continue reading to see the advantages and disadvantages of partnering.

Partnerships can help you grow your server. Theoretically, both servers in the partnership will advertise each other in their communities, and encourage each other’s members to get involved. This is all well and good, but is not very valuable on its own. A lot of the time, these servers will use an @everyone message to advertise, which can be annoying to existing server members. They may just silence notifications or leave the server if the messages are too frequent. If you do partner up, there is more than just advertising through @everyone messages. You can cross-promote events that people in both servers would enjoy, highlight news from each other’s servers, and help each other out in other ways.

They can also provide support when you need it. Giving yourself an expanded network means you can have more resources for when things go wrong. The other server owners and admins will be able to give you advice and help you deal with moderation or support issues that come up.

You probably won’t be able to partner with anyone until your server reaches a certain size. After all, it won’t be worth partnering with you if the other server can’t get any members out if it. If you are a smaller server, you may be able to jumpstart your growth by partnering with another small server.

You should partner with servers that are related to your topics. If your server members are not interested in the topics of those other servers, then they will be annoyed and may leave. Much like how you probably wouldn’t place ads for scented candles on a website for motorcycles, it doesn’t make sense to market your server to people who won’t be interested.

It’s also important to not partner with too many servers. If you have 50 partnerships, those servers may not feel like they’re getting any value out of the deal because your attention is too split, and new potential partners will feel the same. Keep your partnerships limited to just a few servers that you can get value out of.

You shouldn’t be afraid to cancel any partnerships, either. If you feel that you are getting the short end of the stick in a deal, it may be wise to break off the relationship and find another partner server that will give you a fair deal. This would be the right choice if you aren’t getting any members or support from a partnership, but your server has sent many new members their way.

So, is it worth it to partner? In most cases, the answer is yes. You do have to be careful with your choice of partners, how many you have, and what your agreement is, but being smart about those things can greatly increase your visibility, growth, and resources.

Let us know in the comments if your server has any partners, and how you utilize your partnerships to their best potential.

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