Preparing Your Discord Server for Promotion

discord growth Dec 10, 2018

If you are part of a Discord server, you know that the goal is to get members. You want all the channels to be filled with relevant conversation and new friendships being made. A natural choice is to engage in some promotional strategies. By adding your server on Discord Me, you could potentially open the floodgates of new members. By regularly upvoting your server or by joining our legion of premium members, you can quickly find your server on the front page of You need to make sure that you do more than the initial server setup before something like this. If you're not ready, a sudden influx of new members can overwhelm your resources and your server could eat itself from the inside. Here are the best ways you can prepare your server before promoting it.

Set Up the Proper Channels

When you just have a few members, it's easy to welcome and orient each of them individually. But when you have dozens of people coming in every day, it can quickly become an impossible task. When a new member joins your Discord Server, they should instantly be presented with one of two channels. This can either be a Welcome channel or a Rules channel. The point is that you want to be able to introduce new members to what the channel is all about and give them a list of guidelines.

Since you can't interact with them on a one-on-one level, the best you can do is have them land on the page that describes how they should conduct themselves on your server. We wrote in detail on what channels your server should have in another post, so make sure you have all of those before you get too many people coming into your server. That way you can have everything in its place and don't have to create new channels on the fly. You don't want people leaving after just a few minutes in the server if they find it disorganized.

Find Trusted Admins to Help Out

Finding admins that you trust can be difficult, but can really help out when members start flooding in. You can't moderate your Discord server on your own once it gets past a certain point of popularity. You need a team of trusted admins who know the server rules and know when to enforce them. These need to be people who are familiar with how the server is supposed to work. They should be extensions of your own management, and some of the most valuable members of your community. Admins can help keep spammers at bay, and make sure that the server is being used for its intended purposes.

Enable Useful Bots

Bots can automate certain aspects of your Discord server, so you don't have to worry about them. Bots are extremely useful, being able to perform actions such as censor certain words in chat, present new users with welcome messages, and even give cat facts on demand. Some bots come with dashboards that enable them to be highly customized, so you can create whatever commands you need. This is probably the best way to deal with spammers, as you can auto-ban users. This can include those who post too many message too quickly, post too many messages in all caps, or use too many banned words. Bots are no true replacement for real-life admins, and should merely be a time-saving supplement.

We wish you luck in setting up your Discord server for promotion. This is something really important to do, so you don't get overwhelmed. It will be great to have more people in your server, so set yourself up for success! If you need help with other aspects of discord, check out our other guides.


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