Is Discord Safe?

discord security Mar 05, 2019

Whether you’re a parent who is concerned about the sites your kids are visiting, or you’re an adult who wants to keep their personal conversations personal, you may be asking if Discord is safe to use. The short answer is a resounding yes, but it depends a lot on how you behave on the platform and what settings you use. In this blog, we’ll talk about how to make your experience with Discord as safe as possible.

Discord requires users to be at least 13 years of age to sign up. Whether someone is younger than 13 and lies about it, or they’re teenagers, it’s important for parents to understand what their child is doing online. Discord theoretically allows conversations with anyone else in the app, under an online pseudonym. However, the only ways this can happen is if someone knows your username and unique ID number or if you’re in a community server together. Discord is a bit more like Facebook than Twitter or Reddit. While those sites are wide open and anyone can chat with anyone, Discord, like Facebook, requires a direct connection through a friend request or a mutual community. If you’re a parent wondering why your kid is on Discord, it’s likely the same reason they’re on a lot of other social media platforms - to talk to their friends and possibly to be introduced to new like-minded people. You should talk to your children about talking to strangers online, and remind them not to give out personal information to strangers. The same goes for clicking suspicious links. Being smart about your conversations on Discord can go a long way. In terms of conversations with friends, you can rest easy knowing these conversations are 100% private and no one outside of the conversation can read those messages.

Discord has a lot of security and safety options baked in. There are account security settings like two-factor authentication which requires a second device like a phone, to log in. Also, never share your password with anyone, not even friends!

Digging into the ‘Privacy & Safety’ settings of Discord, there is a lot of available customization. Protect you or your child from explicit content with the Safe Direct Messaging. The highest setting scans every single message, while the middle setting scans messages from non-friends. To avoid those non-friend messages, you can disallow direct messages from fellow server members. This means any conversations with strangers met in an open server will have to take place in a chat room on the server that is accessible by other members of the server. If you don’t even want these people to be able to send friend requests, there are settings to disallow requests from everyone, friends of friends, or server members. For maximum safety, don’t allow friend requests from anyone, so you will have to send a request to them. If an existing friend is harassing you, you can right-click on their username and click ‘block’, so you won’t see anything from them and they won’t see anything from you.

If you own a server there are similar settings that will keep your members safe. You can set the verification level for joining, from no verification needed, up to a new member needing a verified phone on their Discord account before they can start messaging. Much like in personal settings, there are options for an Explicit Content Filter, so you can keep your server squeaky clean. These settings are especially important if you advertise your server invite link on a public site, like our’s: Discord.Me.

The final verdict is that, yes, Discord is safe to use. Like any online service where you can come in contact with other humans, there is potential for it to be unsafe. It really comes down to how you interact with others and how you set up your security options to protect yourself. If you have any concerns about security, we suggest reaching out to [email protected]. You can also report a violation of the Community Guidelines or Terms of Service at [email protected].

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