Discord's Store Updates Look Great for Game Devs

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2019

Discord's game store caused quite the buzz when it came out in the latter half of 2018. The app for gamers to communicate was now trying to be an app for gamers to purchase their games from! The company solidified a reputation of favoring developers by offering the best revenue split of any game store - a 90/10 split, in which Discord only gets 10% of each sale.

The game store has since been updated and will receive plenty more in the future. These recent updates highlight the dedication Discord has to game devs of all sizes, and offers some great community features.

Firstly, Discord implemented the Server Discovery feature. This is a list of verified official servers for games, and makes joining those communities easier. This is great for the game developers because it increases the visibility of their communities, and Discord is a great place to directly interact with fans. It's also fantastic for users. You can view the servers without actually joining them. And it also makes it convenient for finding the official server for a game, rather than wondering if you've joined a fan-made server.

There is now a further integration of verified servers and the game store. A verified server can actually get a special Store section to their server, with channels dedicated to different products. That could be the game itself, or various add-ons.

Minion Masters, one of the games Discord has promoted heavily, is doing a great job of utilizing this feature. As you can see, they have a Store channel to download the game for free, as well as channels to buy DLC and premium in-game currency.

While this method may not be the cleanest, it does integrate and utilize Discord's current structure and should be intuitive to Discord users. The Store page is fairly reminiscent of Steam's (see the image below of the Minion Masters Steam page), but lacks features such as reviews and achievements. More than likely, these things will come later, after the more important features are nailed down.

These commerce features were developed from what Discord learned from the first months of the Store beta. They realized that communities like Discord servers were becoming more important for engaging with fans, and that developers wanted an easier way to get players to a storefront. The store channels appear to be somewhat custom-order, however, as the server must pay a development fee in order to have one.

Discord is also working on some analytics to provide server owners with detailed information about their sales on the platform. This will be crucial for developers to deciding if it's worth it to invest in using Discord at all.

Another great feature for developers and user alike is the News channel. Verified servers can designate any channel as the News channel, and updates posted there will appear in a user's Activity page. This is an awesome feature for developers because the Activity Feed shows news for games Discord detects on your computer, regardless of whether you are part of the official server or not.

However, there is one potential downside. The Discord Game Store itself no longer exists in its previous form, and just the Nitro page remains. This shows all of the games that are available through a Nitro subscription of $9.99 a month, but other games won't be shown. Game sales will take place within their official servers only. For example, searching Subnautica on the Nitro page will come up with no results, but searching it on the Discovery page and clicking on the Subnautica server will take you straight to the Store page for the game. So while community discovery is easier, there is another step to actually buying the game via Discord. But hey, at least the two are in the same place now!

That's the current state of games on Discord. Everything is still in beta, but the platform is becoming more and more friendly for developers and players alike. Let us know what features you'd like to see be rolled out, and how you feel about these recent Game Store changes.


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