The Discord Channels Your Server Needs

discord servers Dec 10, 2018

If you use Discord, you should definitely be setting up custom Discord channels! These give your members room to talk about anything they want. In this guide, we'll take a look at the best channels you can set up in order to make your server function to the best of its ability.

The General Channel

By default, Discord give your server a channel called General for both text and voice. This is a good place for people to just talk about whatever they want, and is a good place to start for newer servers. After the server grows, you may want to make subchannels for this. These could include an Off-Topic channel, a Memes channel, and other things like that, where people can just hang out and chat about nothing.

The Information Channel

Perhaps the most important of all the Discord channels is the Information channel, and all additional subchannels that could spawn from it. This is where you would post the server's rules and guidelines, and any important announcements. You can even customize your server to land new members to this channel, so they can become acquainted with the rules of the server before diving in.

The Introductions Channel

If your server gets a lot of new members all the time, having a channel dedicated to introductions can help people find their place in the community and be welcomed with open arms. Certain pieces of information like geographical location, interests, and what they love about your hobby/show/game/etc. can be great ways to break the ice. Make sure you pin a message about what to include in an introductory post, and encourage others to welcome newcomers.

Gaming Channels

Even if your server is not necessarily aimed at a specific game, or even gaming in general, consider setting up voice channels for specific games that people in your server like to play. For example, if a dozen people like to play League of Legends, make a LoL channel so these people can pick up a couple games together. This is a great way to build community in new ways, and lets people blow off some steam.

Creative Channels

Is your server for a game, a show, or a public figure? Consider adding a channel dedicated to fan art. Fan communities can be ridiculously creative, and giving these communities a chance to express themselves and get feedback can be a great community builder. It also lets you see all the amazing talent out there.

What Discord Channels Do We Use?

Here at Discover Discord, we of course Discord to communicate. We're a pretty small team, so we don't need a lot of Discord channels. We have a General channel for text and voice, of course, as well as Code, Github Log, Writing, and Business. We also have a voice channel for meetings. Each project has its own channel for specific conversations. For creative projects, we have a channel for marketing, writing, videos, and social media discussion. We also have similar servers for our other projects, some of which have public-facing channels and some of which are just for the team.

If you want to learn more about how to optimally use channels, try taking our Mastering Discord course!


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