Discord Asked What Features Users Wanted - And Boy, Did They Deliver

Uncategorized Apr 25, 2019

Discord recently posted on Twitter asking users for feature suggestions. Unsurprisingly, the thread is full of jokes and memes, but there are some genuine ideas presented here. We'll be discussing some of the legitimate ideas. And then of course highlighting the funniest joke suggestions!


Best Serious Answers

@meganerd2012 suggested better mobile support. While they don't go into much detail about what this means, it would be nice to see more features in the mobile app. It is already pretty similar to the desktop app, but lacks a bit of functionality.

This is sort of a funny idea, but a valid one! Everyone loves the Google Chrome game where you run the dino through the desert and jump over cacti. If Discord had a similar built-in game with Wumpus, we would all love that!

Discord is currently stuck in either light mode or dark mode, with no real visual customization. @KevinSINIU suggests further theme options and the ability to add custom backgrounds. This could allow for a lot more personalization and uniqueness in Discord servers.

Sites like Twitter have a built-in polling system, so @THEChocoPepero's suggestion makes a lot of sense. Servers tend to vote on a lot of community decisions, and it can be annoying to utilize a third-party application or rely on emote reactions.

Some of us like organization. Some of us join a lot of servers. And those people would like to have folders to sort their servers in! One folder for gaming servers, one folder for programming servers, one folder for YouTuber servers, etc.

Discord has a character limit on messages, but it's not displayed anywhere. This sucks when writing a long announcement or update. @spooneebard suggests a character counter and/or longer messages for server owners, both of which seem like great improvements to the messaging system.

Since Discord can show both game activity and Spotify activity, it's no surprise that users want to be able to show off both at the same time. Other messages in this Twitter thread suggested the ability to choose which one takes priority, which is also a good solution.

Apps like Steam allow users to change their display name, but they get around issues by allowing custom nicknames. Discord does not, so you can easily lose track of a friend if they change their name to something else. Custom nicknames in Discord would help with this.


Best Joke Answers

Okay, but who doesn't want to pet dogs?

Is this even a joke answer? This actually sounds pretty useful, honestly.

We don't know what Discord users need with a cup holder, but it'd probably be a good feature.

Well, you're not wrong.

This is dangerous. A pizza button is dangerous. It's just hilarious that DiGiorno responded.

Oh hey, and there's DiGiorno again! Yes please!


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