The Dark Reality of Invite for Money Servers

discord scams Dec 10, 2018

Like any online space, Discord has communities that exist to exploit unsuspecting users. It's not the fault of the platform - it's hard to police every single suspicious activity. But it is the harsh reality of the internet. Today we will specifically be talking about invite for money servers that say that they will pay you to invite more users.

The Invite for Money Scam

There are servers on Discord that exist purely to grow. Obviously every server wants to grow. But some decide that the best way to expand their community is to throw money at the problem. This is where the scam begins.

A server will offer you money if you invite enough people to the server. This creates an incentive for you to adopt spammy behavior, so that you can send more invites. It is against the terms of service to invite random people via direct message, if they did not ask for an invite. So, this practice breaks the rules, but not explicitly. This means that many servers end up getting around this by having others do the dirty work.

The scam comes when you invite a ton of people, and then the server decides not to pay you. You can't really do anything about it, and you already invited all of those people! The server owner got what they wanted. If you're extra unlucky, your account may have been suspended in the meantime since you could have broken Discord rules. To be fair, many of the servers that do this do end up paying you. But you run the risk of your account being suspended or being flagged as spam by others. It is safer to just avoid servers like this altogether.

This operates much like a pyramid scheme, in which you get paid based on how many people you recruit. The goal isn't to sell products or improve lives. Tt is just for more people to generate money for the guy at the top. In this case, an army of people are bringing new users into the community, and these people will be advertised to within the server. Even if only a small percentage of the community clicks on an ad the server owner posts, that is a huge group of people who got tricked.

How to Identify a Scam Server

It's not always easy to determine whether a server is trustworthy or not, but there are a few things you can do to ease your mind. We don't recommend getting involved with these servers, but if you do we would rather you do it with the right preparation.

Some servers will have a channel that shows proof of their payouts. If there aren't very many, or there are only low amounts, you should be suspicious. If they list the users who have been paid, reach out to those users and verify that they got their payment and ask about their experience with the server. They could be in on the scam, though, so even this does not guarantee your safety.

The Bottom Line

Use good judgement when on Discord, or any online community! Don't click on suspicious links, be wary of messages from strangers, and don't be afraid to report users who may be breaking the rules. You can help out others by not being a part of the problem. Be cautious around servers that claim they will compensate you for anything. There is always an ulterior motive, and growing a server for no reason other than to grow is definitely suspicious. Be careful out there, and let us know about any other Discord scams you've come across!


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