Announcing Our Discord Basics Course!

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We at Discover Discord are happy to announce our first course about Discord! We’re starting with the basics, for brand new users of the app. Our free Discord basics course will only take about 30 minutes total, and it aims to teach all about how to get set up, join your first server, and start talking to people. Learn the right settings and tools to have the best experience possible. Everything is more enjoyable when you feel like you can understand it, and this course will give you that knowledge.

If you’re a server manager, this course is for you too! While you may already be an expert at Discord, you probably don’t love answering questions about how Discord works, from new members. Instead, you can link to this free course in your welcome channel, offering your new members a way to instantly be introduced to how Discord works. A lot of people may download Discord just because a friend told them to join your server. While Discord may not be the most complex piece of software in the world, there are a lot of small details that are best to know upfront.

This is only the beginning, though. We’re starting with this free course on the basics, but in the future you can expect more advanced courses on server management, how to make Discord bots, community growth, and how to market your server online. If you like our first course, keep up with our Discover Discord community to learn about future ones when they become available.

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