The Complete Guide to Keeping Your Discord Server Safe

discord security Dec 10, 2018

No matter the platform, there is always going to be someone trying to "hack" it. Plenty of large companies have dealt with data breaches, whether its credit card numbers or complete credit history. Discord has its own issues. Spam comes in waves, and while there haven't been total data breaches, certain attacks have made people nervous. In this article, we are going to try to be as comprehensive as possible about how to keep your Discord server safe from attacks. This will include built-in security features, downloadable bots, and just common sense actions you can take every day. Because we want to be as accurate as possible, please don't hesitate to leave a comment with how you defend your server, or if any of our information has gone out of date.

What You Can Do Within Discord

While these Discord security features won't protect your server from every threat, it is good to have them in place. The app comes with a lot of baked-in security features that you should take advantage of....

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